Do you offer international shipping?

Yes, I offer international shipping on orders over $35. International orders are shipped through USPS, and the rates are calculated automatically using their website.

How long does it take for orders to be shipped out?

On average I have orders shipped out between 1-7 days after purchase. My turn-around times will vary depending on current order volume. Bulk and international orders may take slightly longer to be shipped out.

How do you package fragile items like glass containers?

All orders are also sent out in either padded shipping envelopes or boxes containing added padding, depending on the number/size of items per order. Orders containing glass are packed with multiple layers of bubble wrap around each individual container and are marked with a "fragile" label.

My order arrived damaged, what can I do?

While I take all possible precautions, USPS shipping and handling is out of my control and occasionally damage to packages still occurs. For damaged orders I will refund the cost of any merchandise damaged, not including the shipping cost. All you need to do to is send me photo documentation of the damage including both the product and the shipping label in the photos. I cannot provide any refund to those who do not send me proper documentation.

What happens if my order is lost on its way to me?

While this happens very rarely, occasionally USPS does lose packages. If this occurs please file a missing package report through USPS. Most of the time they are able to find the package after a report is filed, but if they confirm that the package was lost or damaged I will refund you the product value for anything lost/damaged.


Where can I ask any further questions I have?

Feel free to reach out to me at contact@multiflora-herbs.com with any further questions regarding products, consultations, etc. I try to respond to emails within 1-3 days, if I don't respond to your email within that time feel-free to resend.